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Moving from London to Paris

Moving from London to Paris is an exciting experience - but it comes with a lot to think about. Whether you’re looking to live in France indefinitely or for a set period of time, there are a number of things to consider to ensure that your move is smooth!

What is it Like Living in Paris? 

Knowing what to expect from your new city when moving from London to Paris is important when it comes to settling in. If you’ve been to Paris a few times or spent any extended period of time there, you may already be well-equipped to integrate into a new culture - but we know that this isn’t always the case. 
It is a common perception that quality of life is improved with a move to France, and the idea of living in Paris can be somewhat romantic as we imagine spending our time sitting outside Parisian cafes drinking excellent wine. But what is it really like?

Paris VS. London

Cost of living

London has a reputation for being an expensive area in which to live, as a result of house prices primarily but also in relation to lifestyle and social activities such as eating out and utilising bars and restaurants. However, it’s important to note that the average salary is 22% higher in London. So if you’re moving from London to Paris, you might be likely to experience a pay cut - but it’s relative to the cost of living.

Culture and Entertainment

As the home of the most visited museum in the world (Le Louvre), Paris boasts a rich heritage of museums, galleries and iconic architecture. In London, there are a vast number of museums and galleries across the city, and an array of historic buildings including St Paul's Cathedral, the Houses of Parliament, Big Ben, Buckingham Palace and more. The Royal Family are a key tourist interest in London with hundreds of thousands of people visiting Buckingham Palace every year, plus global news interest in milestone events within The Royal Family. 
London’s West End is one of the world’s favourite places for theatre, rivalled only by New York’s Broadway. For music and comedy, visit London’s O2 Arena or Wembley Stadium to see world-renowned artists and acts, or choose a small theatre or independent cinema for something a little different. Paris is home to world-class ballet and opera and is known for its attractive jazz and blues scene.

Working life

 In France it is common for the working day to be split up with a long lunch break - usually lasting around two hours. Working hours are usually from 8 or 9 am until midday, commencing again at around 2 pm until 6 and overtime is uncommon. In comparison to working life in London which is notoriously demanding, working in Paris is notably different to London city life. Moving from London to Paris is likely to present a different type of working life to what you may have experienced whilst working in London.
For example, overtime is common in London and the city tends to be associated with a particularly long working day. Those commuting to and from London can expect early starts and late homecoming after a day’s work, with the average commute into London - mainly via overground and underground trains - now at 74 minutes. This also means that those travelling in and out of London for work are spending an average of £300 per month on commuting alone. 
Though commuting in Paris isn’t too dissimilar. A 2018 study by French job site RegionsJob revealed that 76% of Parisians would sacrifice some of their salary for an easier commute. Those who commute to Paris are also using public transport to get them to work.
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How to Move from London to Paris

At Anglo French we have extensive experience in supporting our customers who are moving from London to Paris - in fact, it’s our speciality. We understand the stress and difficulties of moving to a foreign country, and we're here to help.
We aim to make your relocation as enjoyable and smooth as possible by providing assistance at every point of your move, from packing services and storage facilities to removals to France and furniture delivery - and everything in between. 
Get in touch to discuss your move to France and obtain a free quote from our experts.
Have you got everything you need for moving from London to Paris? Take a look at our checklist for moving to France from the UK.



Just a quick message to say thanks for the safe delivery of my furniture from Charente, France to London - the coordination was great as was the care, I really appreciated it,  especially the safe delivery of the grandfather clock and rocking horse, which were my grandmother's, and I was worried about! So - a big thank you - I will happily recommend you.

Vicky Edwards, Charente

Dear Jasmine

Doing some tidying up of my paperwork/e mails, I realize that I never wrote to thank your staff for the excellent service.  Not to mention your good liaison prior to moving day!
The men kept in touch by phone during the day.  When they arrived, the van would not fit past the trees at the end of the track.  The first thing we knew, two men were coming up the track, one carrying the armchair, the other with a sofa on a dolly.  My partner was able to help with the last two sofa beds.  There was never a word of complaint or comments that we should have trimmed branches, etc. 
They were pushed for time and wouldn't stop for a cuppa. 
Please extend them our very belated thanks and congratulations on having such a service orientated organization.  

Margaret Morrison, Sussex

Dear Mark

We just wanted to say thank you for such a brilliant and seamless service.   You will remember that your quotation came in at about 50% cheaper than the two bigger companies and obviously we were worried that would reflect in the service.  

From your response time, to the lovely people we chatted to in Maidstone with our mutiple questions, letting us add to our load at no extra charge, to yesterday's experience when Nino and his mate arrived, everything has been quite brilliant.

They called us an hour before arrival and were both so cheery and obliging despite their obvious long drive and need to get to the next pick up.   We had two different locations for our furniture plus we changed our minds a couple of times and literally nothing was too much trouble - Nino's manipulation of that giant blue monster around the tiny farm lanes was quite breathtaking!

Great job!  Please thank your team.

Best regards

Heather and David, Trèbes