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The Pros and Cons of Living in France

Thinking about living in France? We don’t blame you. But it’s important to consider everything before you make a move to another country. Take a look at our list of pros and cons of living in France to ensure you’ve considered everything.

Pros of Living in France

  • Start Over.

We understand how the idea of moving somewhere completely new can be appealing. It’s an opportunity to start again and create exactly the life you want. Everyone dreams of a fresh start, and moving to France can be the perfect opportunity.

  • The Weather.

Depending on where in France you’d like to live, the weather is likely to be much more promising than in the UK. If you’re moving to Southern France, you’re certainly going to see more sunshine compared to Northern France. Living in Paris, you’re likely to see similar climates to the UK, whereas in Southern areas like Provence or Marseille, temperatures are likely to reach the late twenties in the height of Summer, where you can expect highs of 29° in July and August.

  • Culture.

Enjoy excellent food and wine and take in the stunning architecture, landmarks and points of interest that reside in France: The Louvre, Arc de Triomphe, Cathedrale Notre-Dame and, of course, the Eiffel Tower - and that’s in Paris alone. Go further across or down the country and visit the lavender fields of Provence, the stunning French Riviera and some of the world’s most beautiful skiing locations. There is a real variety of things to see and experience in France, with each city, town or village so different from the next.

  • Lower crime rate.

According to statistics provided by NationMaster, the ‘total crime’ rate in France is a significant 73% less than that of the UK. However, the statistics fluctuate when focused on specific crimes.

  • Choice.

France is a bigger country and therefore provides many options for where you’d like to live, depending on what you’re looking for. It also means that you can travel around France on vacation and experience different environments from city to countryside, beaches or ski resorts! But across France, generally, it is common to practice a much slower pace of life. Even in city environments like Paris, the working day is notably different from what is commonly experienced in London, with lengthy lunches and a less demanding lifestyle encouraging a slower way of life. Working overtime is uncommon in France, whereas in London it’s almost certain - and expected. So if you’re looking for a slower paced lifestyle, living in France could be ideal for you.

  • Education.

If you have children or planning to start a family, you’ll need to consider the schooling system in France. The education system in France is similar to the country’s working culture, with the day starting at around 8.30am and ending at 4.30 or 5 o’clock, with lengthy lunch breaks between 90 minutes and 2 hours. It is thought that this prepares children well for working life. In comparison, school hours in the UK are usually from between 8.30 - 3.30 with a few short breaks throughout the day. 

  • Sustainability.

According to reports, France is one of the most sustainable countries in the world (2019) and is described as ‘one of the greenest countries in the world’. This could be a result of environmental legislation introduced by Nicholas Sarkozy, as well as the country’s efforts to reduce water pollution. The UK didn’t make the list but is drilling down on use of single-use plastics with the widespread abolishment of plastic straws, - which is due to become a legal requirement in 2019/20 - and by implementing fees on carrier bags, which came into effect in 2015. However, the UK is still significantly behind France in terms of environmental sustainability.

  • Moving to France has never been easier.

Anglo French can remove the stressful experience when moving to France. We’ve spent the last thirty years helping our customers to make enjoyable and hassle-free moves to France, from full removals to vehicle transport - and everything in between. It's important you analyse the pros and cons of living in France and remember that your expectations may not reflect the reality of living day to day life.

Cons of Living in France

When weighing up the pros and cons of living in France, you also need to be aware of the disadvantages and problems you may face.

  • Moving can be incredibly stressful.

Moving house is always stressful, but moving abroad presents a whole load of other issues to consider- not to mention a huge load of paperwork required when moving to a different country. We make moving as stress-free and straightforward as possible and can manage the whole process for you - we’ll even do your packing for France.

  •  High costs of living.

Many people who have chosen to relocate to France from the UK have expressed frustrations about increased costs of living. It’s worth bearing in mind that monthly bills and the costs of some leisure activities can be higher in France. For example, your monthly electricity bill may be up to 39% more expensive in France, whilst council tax payments are a huge 210% more and a gym membership is likely to cost you around 23% more.

  • Paperwork.

There are very few people that enjoy sorting through endless amounts of paperwork- and moving to France can involve a lot of documentation. There will also be lots of changes to make to documentation, for example with bank accounts, insurance, driving licenses and more. This process is commonly referred to as complicated or as an annoyance for those who have moved to France from the UK. You will need the right paperwork to be able to register for the required services and facilities, which may include a visa or permit. You will also need to arrange health insurance, which is mandatory in France. Ensure you know which documentation you require before going to France, and be prepared for the processes. Ensure you’ve notified all relevant parties of your move, this will make significantly easier. It is worth noting that going through these processes is significantly easier for those who can speak French sufficiently!

  • Can you speak French?

Whilst many countries - particularly in Europe - now speak English fluently and often, it is probably helpful for you to know at least some of the French language to be able to make friends and communicate easily. You’ll struggle to find someone who speaks English fluently, particularly in rural areas, so getting to grips with the language can be a great way to help you settle in.

With so many pros and cons of living in France, it’s important you take time to consider your options and whether the move will be suitable for you and your lifestyle. Moving our customers to France from the UK is our speciality, and we’re highly experienced in creating enjoyable relocation experiences for our customers. To find out more about how Anglo French and our full removals to France can support your move, simply get in touch.

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Dear Mark

I am writing to say thank you so much for the smooth moving process.  From beginning to end you could not have done better.  I'd like to put in a complimentary word for the three guys who you sent to load and unload.  Service without servility is always the perfect combination.  They were all extremely convivial whilst getting on at the same time, meticulously careful with the items being transported and cheery without being "goonish".

Your original quote was handled most efficiently by Jasmine from initlal enquiry through to date setting, payment etc and the quote itself was highly competitive.  Your own communication skills were faultless and I felt like I knew exactly what was going on at any one time.  

I, quite frankly, cannot fault the service provided, you could not have done better and I am very happy with the price too.

Well done to all the team!

Best wishes for all your future projects.

Di Miller, Kent

Dear Mark

We just wanted to say thank you for such a brilliant and seamless service.   You will remember that your quotation came in at about 50% cheaper than the two bigger companies and obviously we were worried that would reflect in the service.  

From your response time, to the lovely people we chatted to in Maidstone with our mutiple questions, letting us add to our load at no extra charge, to yesterday's experience when Nino and his mate arrived, everything has been quite brilliant.

They called us an hour before arrival and were both so cheery and obliging despite their obvious long drive and need to get to the next pick up.   We had two different locations for our furniture plus we changed our minds a couple of times and literally nothing was too much trouble - Nino's manipulation of that giant blue monster around the tiny farm lanes was quite breathtaking!

Great job!  Please thank your team.

Best regards

Heather and David, Trèbes

Good Evening

I would just like to let you know how delighted I have been with Jay and his not so little helper on Wednesday 25/26th Feb and again this Morning.

I was impressed with their work ethic and attitude.  They were polite and helpful and, boy can they pack a van!!

They are a credit to your company and good ambassadors too.

I would recommend Anglo French to any of my friends still out in France/Spain as you completed the task very professionally and efficiently.

Thank you, once again,


Anne Saville, Cornwall