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Guide to Living in France for a Year: Your Year Abroad in France

Whether you’re wanting to temporarily relocate or perhaps you’re a student looking to indulge in the French lifestyle, living in France for a year can be a huge task. From the lengthy task of finding the ideal location to packing up your belongings and moving to France, there are lots you need to know before moving to France for a year, or spending a year abroad in France. We discuss some tips and advice on how to make your journey easier.

Decide How to Spend your Year Abroad in France 

The type of experience you’ll have living in France for a year will highly depend on how you choose to spend it. There are several options available to you, which can include:

  • Finding internships or work placements
  • Studying
  • Assistantships

Finding internships, assistantships or work placements

Finding an internship or work placement in France is a great way to immerse yourself in the culture and lifestyle during a short period of time. Work placements and internships tend to last anytime between 3-9 months. Depending on the location you choose and internships or work placements you opt for, your living costs and wages will vary significantly.
The benefits you receive from your job will highly depend on the work undertaken, but any professional experience will be a valuable addition to your CV. It also has the added benefits of learning about French business and society, as well as meeting French people.

Studying in France for a year

Over 17,000 students come to France every year to study. Many universities have partnerships with foreign universities, where students are able to attend classes, and students in Europe have the option of enrolling in the Erasmus programme, where students can move to France for a year to learn a language.  Be aware that Brexit may impact your visa situation or ability to apply for certain university schemes if you’re from the UK. View this page for more information.
Whether you’re located in Paris, Versailles, Rennes or Montpellier, you’ll have to ensure you’re settled in before term starts. You may want to hire a full removals to France company to deliver your belongings or help with furniture delivery to France.

Apply & Submit your Visa

Without a valid visa, you will be unable to work or study in France. If you’re only living in France for a year or conducting a year abroad in France, you’ll only need a temporary visa.  Students accepted into French Institutions are eligible for various types of visas such as the Long Stay Visa for Studies that is needed for any student planning to stay in France for longer than 3 months.

If you’re planning to work in France, fill in your visa paperwork and apply to the nearest French Consulate closest to the city you live in. You may even have to submit your application in person if you aren’t eligible for this.

Sorting Paperwork & Administration

Conducting administrative tasks in France, such as setting up a bank account can be incredibly time-consuming.  Sorting paperwork can be extremely complex, so it’s important you have everything prepared in advance. Check with your university or work institution or search extensively online to check the kind of visas you need, which documents you require and anything else such as insurance. Taking your Passport and Birth Certificate is a must when living in France for a year, or conducting a year abroad in France. 
With the added difficulty of a language barrier, getting anything done in France can be a timely and frustrating task. Ensure you’ve really researched your chosen locations, and what you need to bring before you go. This can make your transition when moving to France for a year much easier.

Finding Somewhere to Live 

Once you’ve chosen an area, you’ll need to find somewhere to live. This can be at a furnished accommodation, or you can arrange your furniture to be moved through our furniture delivery to France. There are many options for places to live in France, whether you live in student accommodation or rent an apartment. Either way, it is important that you look at all your options before signing any contracts. 

Get your Belongings to France

If you are preparing to move to France for a year, you may want to do this before you take your flight or train to France.  Whether you require a simple man with van to France, and we even offer packing services for France if you require this.

If you’re looking at living in France for a year, whether you’re looking to move for work temporarily, or a student conducting a year abroad in France, Anglo French can help.  We offer a full removals service to France, and also part removals services to France for a cheaper way to move internationally including removals to and from Switzerland. To discuss your move and to receive a free, no-obligation quote, don’t hesitate to get in touch today.

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I wish you and the people around you a joyous and lovely Christmas break and all the best for the year ahead of us!

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