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Cost of Living in France

Understanding the cost of living in France is important if you are looking to live there for a lengthy period of time. Having a clear understanding of the cost of utilities, food, transport and accommodation is essential to having a realistic budget of living costs and being able to plan for living in France.

Costs will vary depending on where you live in France. Whether you rent or buy will also play a big role in budgeting and financial planning when it comes to paying for accommodation. For example, your utility costs will vary on the type and size of the property you are living in and its energy efficiency. France is also well-known for its higher tax rates compared to the UK, so this should be considered also when budgeting for your new life in France.

For these reasons and more, individual circumstances are very important when trying to budget for living in France. You should always think about your current expenses and plan well in advance to ensure you have a realistic and clear budget for when you move. You may even experience unexpected costs, which could significantly impact your budget.

Living Costs in France Compared to the UK

To give you a good indication of the cost of living in France, we have prepared a table showing what you can expect to pay for some of the essential expenses when staying in France. Below you’ll find the average prices for common expenses in both France and the UK:

Expense Average Cost in France (€) Average Cost in UK (£)
Basic Utilities (Electricity, Heating, Cooling, Water, Refuse Collection) €138.95 per month £141.48 per month
Gasoline €1.42 (1 litre) £1.24 (1 litre)
Internet (60 Mbps) €27.56 per month £29.77 per month
Milk €0.94 (1 litre) £0.89 (1 litre)
White Bread €1.30 (500g) £0.97 (500g)
Eggs €2.56 (12) £1.86 (12)
Cheese €14.85 (1kg) £5.40 (1kg)
Bottle of Wine €6.00 £7.00
Domestic Beer €1.54 (0.5 litre) £1.53 (0.5 litre)
Inexpensive Restaurant Meal €13.00 £12.00
3-Course Meal for Two at Mid-Range Restaurant €50.00 £45.00
Monthly Fitness Club Membership €36.93 (per adult) £29.40 (per adult)
Cinema Ticket €10.00 £10.00
Single Ticket on Local Transport €1.60 £2.40
Monthly Transport Pass €54.00 £60.00
Rent: Apartment - 1 Bed - City Centre €653.69 £717.85
Rent - Apartment - 1 Bed - Outside City Centre €522.74 £566.46
Rent - Apartment - 3 Bed - City Centre €1,316.16 £1,188.97
Rent - Apartment - 3 Bed - Outside City Centre €982.55 £923.65

Table data sourced from, a compilation of 65,000+ self-reported living cost data entries from +7,500 contributors over a period of 18 months. Data correct as of January 2019.

Cost of Living Factors in France

While it is possible to give general estimates of the cost of living in France for specific services and goods, there are many factors that you need to consider when thinking about your own budgeting ahead of living in France. This includes:

  • Where you are living - the cost of living varies within different areas of France, so this will impact your general living costs, as some services and goods may be more or less expensive in different areas.
  • City, suburban or rural - Whether you live in the city centre, suburbs or the countryside will also impact your costs. This will affect your accommodation and transportation costs in particular, as you may have to pay more for living closer to a city, or more on transportation if you live farther away from amenities.
  • Your needs and preferences - How much you pay for certain items or services will depend on your lifestyle. Perhaps you’ll live close to work. As a result, transportation costs will be less important to you. If you like dining out, this will take a greater portion of your budget. You should think carefully about your own lifestyle and weigh the importance of each cost compared to the UK.
  • Your living situation - Whether you are living on your own, with friends and family, or with your partner will have an impact on what you need to consider. If you have children, for example, education and childcare costs will be of greater importance to you. Think about your own situation when considering how to financially prepare for living in France.

Before you move to France, you should make sure you have a clear idea of the factors that will impact your finances and budgeting - having a clear plan will remove stress and make your experience all the more enjoyable!

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